The 430th Anniversary celebrations commemorate the house's establishment in 1588 and the rich history of the oldest port company in operation.

The long and fascinating history of the Croft Port company begins neither in Portugal nor with the Croft family. It begins in the English city of York in 1588, with founder Henry Thompson, the year of the attempted invasion of England by the Invincible Armada of King Philip II of Spain.

According to Adrian Bridge, Managing Director of Croft, "The excellence of Croft, one of the most distinguished and traditional port companies, endures through time thanks to the enterprising spirit of the owning families and the total dedication to the production of the finest port.” He adds, ”We are delighted that in the same year we celebrate the 430th anniversary of Croft we also mark the 10th anniversary of the launch of Croft Pink, the first ever rosé port, which continued the pioneering spirit that characterises the history of the company”.


To commemorate the event, the company has decided to produce a limited edition port, the Croft 430th Anniversary Celebration Edition. The labels display a re-production of the work "Sinking of the Spanish Armada in 1588" by the Dutch artist Jan Luyken, which is part of the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

The wine, exclusively created for this anniversary edition, is described as follows by the Head Wine Maker, David Guimaraens: "Croft is known for its Vintage Ports with opulent fruit aromas and silky tannins. This is a superb Ruby Reserve Port, displaying all its fruity character, a hallmark of the company's distinctive style.

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